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My mom and I are each other's go-to wedding dates these days.  We went to one over the weekend that was just darling.  Hotter than a two dollar pistol....but darling.

We make sure that each other's teeth are free from food, lipstick isn't bleeding, sweat stains...ahem...aren't showing (yet), and names of people (who we have know for a very long time) can be remembered just as they're strolling over to chat.

The best, however, is the time I get to spend with my momma talking.  Because sometimes with all my kids around, conversations with my mom go a little like this:

"Momma, did I tell you what happened the other day with the {blank}?"

"No Honey, what happened with the {blank}?"

"Well, it started when I went to visit....Child get down from there!........No baby, it's not snack time yet....what is that smell!?!  Hold on, I'll be right back after I change his diaper"

"Okay, so you were saying...."

"Yes, and then I.....Why are you crying?  Your sister did what!?!"

Needless to say, whenever I get unbroken, unrushed, and uninterrupted conversation with my momma....I consider myself lucky.

And long winded.

The Mrs. & The Momma

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