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Guest Blogger: Along Abbey Road

Hello, Mrs. & The Momma fans! I am Abbey from Along Abbey Road. I am happy to be here while Kristen is away in paradise, although I wish I was there too!

Today I am sharing how to style my favorite go-to summer hairstyle. As a fellow momma myself, I don't have a lot of time to do my hair and this style is chic and perfect for us girls who are lucky if we get around to washing our hair every 3 days.

Okay, here are the super difficult instructions:

1) Braid hair into two pigtails on both sides of your head, making sure they are close to your ears and tight. Use clear rubber bands to secure ends.
2) Flip one braid up onto your head like a headband and secure with bobby pins.
3) Pull the other braid up on the other side and overlap it onto the braid that is already secured, making sure it looks like a continuous headband. Secure with bobby pins.
4) Tuck any loose pieces and hairspray that beautiful noggin of yours.

Tough, huh? I joke.

 Now you have a quick and easy hairdo that is sure to look amazing!

Thank you so much, Abbey! Now if only my hair would grow super fast so that I can put this into practice!

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