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Rhinestone Cowgirl

Last weekend, my dad and I went to the Austin Rodeo (a Christmas gift I had given him).  As I've mentioned previously, I do not own a pair of cowboy boots.  (This does not make me any less of a Texan, ya' hear?!)  So my choices for rodeo attire were somewhat limited.  I figured that denim, a bandana, and bold jewelry is about as "rhinestone cowboy(girl)" as I get.  Yee-haw!
jewelry: c/o InPink, shirt: Nordstroms, belt: Express
Momma Longhorn (see her baby?)
Bareback rider...Look at that face!
Barrel racing was one of my favorite events.  These girls can ride!
Kevin Fowler
Me and my daddy
We had a really good time together.  The people watching was out of control, which provided us with some good entertainment during down time.  We also concluded that in order to be a rodeo cowboy, one has to have a completely off-the-wall name, such as "Friday", "Shank", or "Arky."  Seriously.  And if they didn't fall into the strange name category, their name was either "Cody" or "Wesley."  No joke...that's exactly how it was.  Even the girls had names I had never heard of.  It's as if their parents, after giving birth, said, "Well Hun, I think this kid's gonna be one of those crazy bull riders, so let's name 'em something "Yance."

I truly cherish the time I get to spend with him.  I feel so blessed to have a close and easy relationship with my father...I know that's special and unique.  Thanks, Daddy, for a fun night!

The Mrs. & The Momma

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