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Party Pants

This is about as far as I go on the patterned pants train.  This is my stop.  I get off here.  Where's the party?
shirt: Kohls, cardi and belt: F21, jewelry: c/o InPink, pants: White House Black Market,
shoes: Just Fabulous
I've had these pants forever....since before my first child.  That makes them semi-vintage, huh?.  They are the one item in my closet I've neglected for at least five years.  So today, I gave them one last chance.  I said, "Okay pants, show me what ya' got...if you make me look like Beetlejuice or a carny person, you're outta here."

My gut tells me to take them to the thrift store stat.

However, there's a little, tiny, almost ignorable voice in my head that's pondering the possibility that these pants are not all that bad, and are in fact, pretty awesome.  Two extremes about which I am incapable of making up my mind.  (My main complaint is the cut and the fit.  Also, I think another inch on the length would do wonders.)

Help a Momma Out!

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