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The Deal With Socks and Heels

So, will someone please tell me....what's the deal with socks and heels?  I know the trend is super hot right now and can be really cute when done right, but I'm just not quite on board.
Photo: Bobby Doherty/AOL via Stylelist
I mean, personally, my heels fit me to a T, if not a little small.  How can I possibly fit a sock (however thin it may be) in there, too!?  Additionally, I own only three kinds of socks, wool socks for my once-every-three-years snowboarding excursions, and fuzzy socks for when I don't leave the house, nor care how I look.  Each of these types get frequent (ahem, daily) use and none of them include "sheer" or "cute" in their description.
So I've been thinking....I could either hold out and refuse trying socks with heels...Or, I could consider myself a "late adopter" of the trend and test the waters a bit to see if I could pull it off.  Truthfully, I think my humongous calves would solidify the notion that I, in fact, cannot pull it off.

Oh well, I'll just keep admiring those cuties who wear it well, and hope I'll get to be an "early adopter" of something else which doesn't have prospects of suffocating toes or enlarging the appearance of my lower legs.

*On the agenda tomorrow:  Rummaging through the husband's sock drawer.

Do tell...have you tried this trend?  Do you think it has staying power for a few seasons?

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