I Feel Like Something's Missing Here

Something is missing in these pictures.  I can't quite put my finger on it....hmmmmm...something...
shirt, blazer, and sweater: Express, skirt: Target, watch: Michael Kors
Oh yes...my legs.  My legs are missing.  Aaaaaaannd my feet.

You see, if my legs weren't absent from the above pictures, this outfit would look entirely different.  It would be in a whole other genre.  Another hemisphere, if you will.  How so?

Because when looking at this ensemble, it appears put-together-ish, but lacking some color perhaps?  But if the red tights adorning my legs had been present in these pictures, well then there you'd have it.  The complete look.  A different look.  I know you're trying to picture it right now, aren't you?  (Oh, and with these booties.)

Legless Lucy

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