Between Showers

cape: LOFT, shirt and cords: CAbi, cardi: Target, boots: Steve Madden, hat: Roxy
To say we've had some rain lately is a huge understatement.  For the drought that is Texas, at least.  Yesterday, after a fun day at Sesame Street Live with my girls, we ventured out between rain showers to pick up some burgers at the local grill.  While waiting for our burgers, we strolled around our little town and came across a vintage shop I had never frequented before.  It was so cool to see all the awesome furniture pieces, jewelry, clothing, and they even had an old doctor's exam table complete with stir-ups!  I'm pretty sure that one will continue to remain unsold.

I can't wait to visit the shop again when I have more time to look.  The owner doesn't price much of the stuff, and rather, leaves it open to offers....which means I'll have to brush up on my haggling skills.  Or somehow acquire some, as I've never once haggled before...except for maybe that one time in Mexico.

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