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A Few of My Loves

 This girl is my little side-kick everyday, all day.  Her older sisters get to go to school, dance, etc....but she's stuck with me and I'm pretty sure she loves it.

 I've been eating some awesome salads lately.  This dressing I made from Tasty Kitchen really makes them...well, tasty. (Pun intended)

 Valentine's Day candy just does me in.  I can't not get it.  My shopping cart just goes on auto-pilot and steers right over to the holiday aisle without my consent.  My side-kick munchkie and I finished this bag off in no time flat the other day.  Sad, but so very good.

 I just got in my Warby Parker home try-ons.  If you haven't heard about their Five Pairs in Five Days program, you should really check it out...especially if you're in the market for some new spectacles.  
*For some reason when I say 'Warby Parker', my mouth gets confused and wants to say "Harvey Wallbanger."  Don't ask, I have no idea why.

Here's my BFF sitting in her favorite spot, which happens to be right in front of the T.V. (can you say "Barney?")  We start her speech therapy this week and I'm looking forward to improved communication with her soon...and vice-versa I'm sure.  The yelling "mine" and grunting is getting old...and that's just from her momma.

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