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sweater: Loft, dress: Target, shoes: Old Navy, necklace: Modcloth, (sweater not worn: DKNY)
I get really frustrated when the sun decides not to wait for me to take outfit pics outside.  Grrrrrr.  So, the first two pics are what I got dressed in to go to Bunco last night, but had a last minute decision to swap sweaters....the later being the better in my opinion.  The built-in tie with sweaters throws me sometimes...I don't know whether to overlap the two sides, leave it slightly open (as pictured) or just tie in back.

Well, Bunco was quite a bunch of things.  Fun, loud, yummy...definitely enjoyable.  Our theme for the food (and the prizes for that matter) was "Healthy".  All the good-for-you dishes were delicious, and it was nice knowing I could eat as much as I wanted in the name of health food without having any caloric guilt.  That's how it works, right?  Even the cupcakes had beets and squash in them!

Things got a bit rowdy, but hey, that's pretty inevitable when you put 12 competitive women in one room vying for prizes...not to mention the underlying excitement a girls night brings on its own.  I decided that I was perfectly average at Bunco.  Which basically is another way of saying I suck at it.  There are only prizes for the biggest winners and biggest loser....not the middle of the road players like me.  I'm hosting in a couple of months, so I'll have to be thinking about a good theme....any suggestions are surely welcome!

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