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This Past Week...As Seen Through My iPhone

Hanging in Bed

Helping her Mimi cook

My eldest with Elfie...note the candy sneaky elf got into

She has to pinch something when sucking her thumb...usually my clothes

The Chewster

My boys

Sporting her new shirt she got for our Disney cruise

Chillin' in bed...again...we kind of made that a habit this week

I just love her

I really cannot stop myself.  I must have a million pics of him by now.

We've had a fairly relaxing post-Christmas week.  The stomach bug reared its ugly head, but thankfully, it was pretty mild.

I always do a mental "this time next (or last) week (or year) what will I be doing" kind of thing.  Does any else do that?  Well, this time next week, it will be 2012!  This year really flew by.  I can't seem to wrap my brain around everything that our family experienced in 2011, but I'll try.  Just not now....stay tuned for a long, all-encompasing, make-you-cry, kind of post!

No, not really.  I don't have that good of a memory.  I blame it on four pregnancies.

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