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Happy New Year's Eve

dress: Nordstroms, cardi and leggings: Nordstroms Rack, cross-body: Michael Kors, flats: Old Navy, hat: Target, jewelry: gifts

I think a lot of people are laying low this New Year's least that what I'm telling myself.  I really don't mind staying home in my jammies, though...blogging and drinking sparkling cider with my hubs, and getting to bed before midnight is totally cool with me.

Boring?  Yes.

Lame?  Maybe.

Better than being so tired tomorrow that I can't remember my name?  Definitely.

The only downer of not "doing anything" for New Year's Eve is missing the fun of getting dressed up.  Maybe next year.  Hmmm...Yes, I think I'll start planning for that tomorrow.

Happy 2012!!!

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