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Is This My Color?

My mother would probably tell me this isn't "my color" due to my skin coloring.
Red is my color, but this shirt is borderline orange-red. (It photographed more reddish however.)  Very fall-like, I think.

As for wearing certain colors, I discussed here how to pair colors together, but what colors look best on people is a whole other ball game.

Cool versus warm.  I can never get it straight.  A sure way to tell if you're "cool" or "warm" is to look at your veins, and depending on whether they're bluish or greenish determines what you are....

I just don't know which one is which.  Or what cool and warm means in terms of what colors (both make-up and clothing) one can and should wear.

I'm a load of help, huh?

If you can enlighten me, I'd be obliged.
jewelry and cami: Express, shirt: CAbi, skirt: Target
Furthermore, I don't think those rules necessarily apply anymore, do they?  I mean, I know certain colors look better on me than others....but that doesn't mean I completely swear them off.

It might be a generational thing.  Because contrarily, my mother believes that her best color is "rose" and that others in the orange/yellow family are totally off limits....this is to my utter frustration when I can see that a particular color will in fact work for her, combined with the right accessories and accent colors of course.

Anyhoo, these are just my obscure, unspecified, and opinionated ramblings on what is "so not my color."

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