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A Favor

 I love my leather jacket.  I love even more that I'm able to wear it!  I think it actually froze last night!
sweater: Tommy Hilfiger, scarf: Nordstroms, jacket: Express, leggings: Nordstroms Rack, boots: mommed
What I don't love is this outfit.  It is one of my "don'ts."  (It doesn't help either that these pics were taken at night.)

So...I've decided to do you a favor.

I'll save you the trouble of making the same mistake and explain why this outfit is a "don't":

-The black band on the end of my sweater blends right in with my leggings and does zero for the appearance of my thighs...or anyone's for that matter.
-Horizontal stripes are a no-go with leggings unless you are a stick...then by all means, go right ahead.  (If one should disagree with me on this, I'd love to be proved wrong.)
-The style of the sweater under the jacket needs to be more feminine to contrast with the rugged leather and biker style.
-And finally, leggings can only sometimes serve as pants...this was not one of those times, as the sweater was not quite long enough.

There you have it.  Puh-leez don't repeat my mistakes.

You're welcome.


  1. If you are NOT a "stick", please show us a picture of one!

  2. And I'm SO frustrated, as this blog still won't show up on my dashboard/feed. When I come here, it says I am following...UGH!



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