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After being in a swimsuit for the past two and half days, I felt a visceral need to get properly dressed today...even though it's a holiday.

Well, not a real holiday, but my husband is home from work and there is no school today.

cardigan: Old Navy, shirt: Tommy Hilfiger, jeans: Banana Republic, purse: Jessica Simpson, shoes: Target, earrings: Nordstroms, necklaces: boutique finds
One of the munchies got sick at the beach, so we cut our vacation short and came home last night rather than this afternoon.

It's a good thing that we did, too.  Not only did she desperately need a breathing treatment last night (the we didn't have at the beach), but this extra day before the week starts is giving us some down time.

I also have my very first parent/teacher conference today.  I can't believe I even have a child old enough to have one of these.

Just yesterday she was barely walking at the beach...cut to her riding the big waves this past weekend.

I guess I shouldn't blink too often...

Because it happens that fast.

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